Because families of any size can now afford the vacations of their dreams. With vacation ownership, there are significant savings over weekly rentals, weekend getaways or traditional timeshares.


Instead of purchasing a specifically defined unit, travelers typically pay for a points-based system. These points can be used where they want, when they want, and can be saved or borrowed for even more options.


Vacation ownership allows families to have much more flexibility when planning their trip, unlike a traditional timeshare, vacation ownership allows travelers to choose when they would like to travel.


We intend to educate travelers and empower them to take control of their vacations. Our goal is to ensure that travelers and families can easily access the correct information because what you don’t know can be costly.

Through our childhood experiences and later professional careers, we were able to build a passion for a program that helps families overcome financial boundaries‚ a concept called ‚ “vacation ownership”.

Vacation ownership is an alternative to standard rental or timeshare vacation packages. A points-based system allows families to define their specific budget and tailor the program to their needs. Vacation ownership levels determine how often they can travel, not where or when. No matter the financial situation, families can make their travel dreams a reality.

We are here to help families go from the everyday travel limitations to being empowered through vacation ownership.

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“My friend Brooke and I chose to invest in vacation ownership together for simply the value and cost savings. Since traveling during college and after spending thousands of dollars on a few trips in recent years, we immediately knew it was a financially sound investment for vacationing the way we want to, not the way we have to, for the rest of our lives. We plan on sharing our vacation ownership with family and friends to implement more quality time while on awesome vacations! We are truly grateful for this amazing opportunity and would highly recommend Alem and Melkam as your vacation consultants.”
– Ashley Clarke and Brooke Logan, Alexandria, Va

“My wife Tish and I became vacation owners recently with Mr. Alem Mengesha. We were educated on the types of vacationing and evaluated our current vacation needs and wants. We did not take many vacations in years past due to economic struggles. After realizing that our dream vacations could become a reality, Vacation ownership made the most sense moving forward. Now, with an affordable plan in place, we are focusing on committing ourselves to annual vacations. This renewed sense of excitement and hope has strengthen our union as husband and wife. We strongly encourage others to make this same.”
– Butch and Tish Jackson, Bowie, Md
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